3D Laser Scanning & Modelling


With a wide range of comprehensive services available, you can trust the experts from Total Scan 3D to handle your next project in an efficient and timely manner.

Site Design Modelling Services Alberta

No matter what type of 3D laser scanning and modelling services you are looking for—site or equipment scanning, adjusting design models to fit site scans, site pile layout, or generating confirmed fabrication drawings from 3D models—our knowledgeable and experienced team can help.

3D Laser Scanning

Total Scan 3D offers a range of 3D laser scanning services that are ideal for scanning existing and new facilities or equipment in order to monitor for movement or settling over time. All of our 3D laser scanning services work to input equipment scans into overall site scans or models, creating true design-build model accuracy. No matter what type of facility you are looking to have scanned or where it is located, our 3d laser scanning team is ready to work with you.

Design Modelling

At Total Scan 3D, we offer a selection of design modelling services that provide comprehensive model piping scans for accurate fabrication purposes. Through adjusting existing models to fit real world scan data, our team is able to correct any vendor package errors or unexpected site conditions that might arise. Identifying design issues early saves time and keeps project costs down.

Our 3D laser scanning acquires accurate data of existing or new construction sites. Contact us Today

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